To date, most technology advancement for risk management staff has been focused on operational efficiency. Solutions such as Claims and Policy Administration have made great strides, but what has been left unaddressed is the problem surrounding the support of broad, proactive risk management. Excel, Outlook, and Word with some occasional use of Access remain the bread and butter tools of Risk Managers and loss control staff. As the size of an organization and its exposures grow, these methods simply do not scale.

With so little automation and support for risk management tasks, programs are limited both in breadth and effectiveness:

  • Constraints on number and type of programs/plans

  • Little to no visibility into activities at each location

  • No easy way to keep programs “on track”

  • Lots of manual work to track/measure/analyze results

  • Lack of visibility at all levels

  • Less information available for a Broker in coverage placement and underwriting

The Solution: CrossMark™ Risk Manager

CrossMark addresses these issues with a comprehensive loss control solution built on the Active Management Model. Through the application of sophisticated technology, CrossMark Risk Manager enables Risk Managers, Loss Control staff and other executives to:

  • Identify and attack claims Cost Centers

  • Analyze and respond to Root Causes

  • Monitor and measure program activities

  • Compare Locations with their peers

  • Enable continuous improvement

  • Extend information to those who need it most


  • Loss Control Plan Management

  • Litigation Summary Management

  • Bulletin and Loss Control Document Management

  • Employment Intervention Management

  • Issuance, renewal, and management of Coverage Certificates

  • Service and Analyze by Region

  • Document management via Microsoft SharePoint

  • User role-based security


  • Web

  • Mobile

  • Tablet

  • Microsoft Exchange, SharePoint


  • Windows Integrated Security and Forms-based Authentication

  • User registration and management

  • Role-based security

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