Dave Glende


Founded in 2011, Dave Glende is CEO of CrossMark Risk Solutions. Dave has more than 35 years of experience in the delivery of enterprise-class information systems including 15 years specifically in the development and implementation of best-in-class solutions for more than 20 risk pools and self-insurance groups.

“Innovation through Insight” is one of Dave’s primary guiding principles. He seeks to understand the true problems people and organizations have in their businesses, and then solve them through the development of software solutions specifically crafted to address their unique needs.

Prior to founding CrossMark, Dave was Chief Technology Officer for DAVID Corporation (now part of Ventiv), overseeing the development and implementation of NavRisk for numerous risk pools across the U.S., as well as Director of Information Services at Bickmore Risk Services (now part of York).

Dave's knowledge covers most facets of pooling including administration, member communication and management, member web portals, document management, risk management/loss control, questionnaire automation and management, TPA integration and claims oversight, reporting, analytics, and dashboards.